Memorial Day 2021

My Mother, Ida.

Jerilynn Henrikson

June 9. 2021

8:57 AM

Memorial Day and an upcoming trip to Maine brought to mind one of my favorite poem:

by Edna St. Vincent Millay --1892-1950

The courage that my mother had

Went with her, and is with her still:

Rock from New England quarried;

Now granite in a granite hill.

The golden brooch my mother wore

She left behind for me to wear;

I have no thing I treasure more:

Yet, it is something I could spare.

Oh, if instead she’d left to me

The thing she took into the grave!—

That courage like a rock, which she

Has no more need of, and I have.

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Jerilynn Henrikson

Jerilynn, a retired school teacher, has always loved teaching, telling, reading, watching and writing stories. To date, Jerilynn has published nine children's picture books, an adult memoir, and a Young Adult historical fiction novel. Her work reflects her sense of humor, love of words, and talent for detail.