Adventures in Maine

An educational trip

Duane Henrikson

July 11, 2021

1:00 PM

Day 1--Kennebunkport, ME

After full day of travel from Kansas City, to Baltimore, to Portland, ME on Southwest Airlines we arrived at our accommodations for the next 2 night--SPY HAVEN just outside of Kennebunkport, ME.


Our hosts greeted us and showed us to our comfortable rooms. After 6 hours of flight and only snacks on the airplane we were all extremely hungry. Brian, our host, suggested a dinner just down Arundel Road called Mike's Diner.

After traveling down the road we finally arrived at Mike's. Mike's was not open because of labor problems. Just across the parking lot was another quick stop and deli.

The Arundel Market and Deli provided excellent Lobster Rolls at a reasonable price and are appetites were satisfied for the time being.

After the light lunch, we went back to "Spy Haven" to catch a quick nap, take a short walk, explore the pond, the flower garden, "The Flower Shop" and meet Dugan, the Golden Retriever.

Some of the flowers being grown in the flower garden.

The Flower Shop on the road was interesting and payment for the bouquets was on the honor system. There was a nice selection of bouquets and a few organic vegetable plants.

Evening was arriving and Joan found us a charming place to eat in Ogunquit, ME just south of Kennebunkport on Highway #1. The Old Village Inn served us a delicious meal, entertained us with 70's music by a local duet.

This collection of Jack in the Boxes were enjoying the music as much as we were.

After eating too much we enjoyed an evening walk by the beach after supper. The surf was quite relaxing and we sat in some Adirondack chairs and discussed our days travel and experiences. We also discussed Day 2's adventures.

As we were waking back to our car, we passed a wonderful chocolate shop and they were making chocolates to be sold in the shop the next day. Reminded us of "The Sweet Granada" in Emporia.

The after dinner coffee was a real treat with a little alcohol added to give it some extra punch. Across the street was some outside dining going on.

Golf Club Lamp

The town was still going strong and we noticed a unique gift shop that featured a golf club lamp! Jim and Joan would probably have bought the lamp for their deck but were a little concerned on how to fit into Jim's suitcase with all of the tools that he had packed for our woodworking classes.

Day 2--More of Kennebunkport

After a fun 1st day in Kennebunkport, it was time to start day 2. Joan and Duane had sort of picked out a tentative itinerary with a few noncommittal comments and barbs from Jim and Jerilynn. It was decided that an early start would be important so that we could beat the crowd. After a home cooked breakfast of eggs, link sausage, yogurt, toast and coffee, we were off to Kennebunkport's Dock Square.

Jerilynn looking over the harbor.

We were lucky and found a free parking place right in the middle of Dock Square and were able to browse the interesting shops, art galleries, and the harbor before the crowds arrived.

Wind turbines

After spending some time in Dock Square, we decided to move on to our next destination.

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