Grandma Moose

Grandma Moose, Grandma Moose Pulled a quill from Mother Goose Used that quill to make a pen And this is where the fun began! Grandma Moose just took that pen And gave old rhymes a modern spin. Back in the day a nursery rhyme Was used by grannies to pass the time Or soothe a… Continue Reading

A Nerdy Wordy Alphabet…in adjectives

Abominable (a bom’ in a bl) An abominable snowmonster Lives in Tibet. It’s hairy and scary. It makes kiddos fret. It’s horrid and toothy; Its claws are quite long. But it runs for the hills If you bong a loud gong. Beneficial (ben a fish’ al) “Bene” means there’s something good: Something beneficial in your… Continue Reading

Dilly in the Lilies

Dilly in the Lilies Nana loves quilting and cooking and hugging grandchildren. She also loves watching her hubby Farmer Baldridge tend his vegetables. Nana likes gardening too, but, instead of veggies, she enjoys growing flowers. Her garden is not in tidy rows like Farmer B’s. It tumbles and rolls with mounds of color and clouds… Continue Reading

Harry and Bunners

When Harry was born, his mommy gave him a wonderful blue blanket. It was ever so soft. In one corner was a long-eared bunny for snuggling. When Harry was tiny, his daddy wrapped him tight and cozy into that soft, soft blanket. When he got a little bigger, he would reach for the bunny’s long… Continue Reading

Prairie Musings

Pasture Gaits The walk One two three four A four beat gait Begins the tour Along the lane And down the road Beside the wheat Just recent sowed Old Joe can walk See front hoof track And then the back Lands just atop In even stride A horse length long A horse width wide An… Continue Reading

Nursery Rhymes for Modern Times

Prairie Tales the Wispers, Grones, and Ponders is my book for kids that features three mythic creatures that live upon the prairie.  I thought it would be fun to have a song for each creature. A Wisper Lullaby Tiny ears and tiny nose, Tiny mouth, a just like a rose. Silky hair and milky skin,… Continue Reading

Every attempt has been made to produce these products locally. The author, illustrator, and graphic designers are local characters. Jostens of Topeka printed the Prairie Tales. You won't find these products at a box store. Nothing marked "made in China."